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What to do when Windows takes over the serial port
If all else has not worked, read this following document. to do when Vista takes over the serial port
Data stops working on Communications server. Windows 7. August 2010
We have Tracked down a bug relating directly to the Prolific USB to serial adaptor. A USB to serial adaptor, prolific on Windows 7 was causing TMQ Communications server to Hang and stop data coming into the system. The data would stop anytime from 2 minutes to 6 hours. Please download the latest TMQ CComs Version 4.8.9
TMQ GM44 USB Antenna's
The TMQ GM44 uses a driver referred to as the prolific Series. Please find the prolific driver on the following articles
The locations of USB to Serial Drivers for XP
1st link, Prolific driver. USB XP Prolific Driver
2nd link, Belkin Driver.USB XP Prolific Driver
3rd Driver, Aten Driver, Aten USB to Serial Driver
The locations of USB to Serial drivers for Vista 32
1st Link, Prolific Driver. Prolific Vista Driver
2nd Link, Belkin Driver. Belkin Vista driver
3rd Link, Aten Driver, Aten USB to Serial Driver
The locations of USB to Serial drivers for Windows 7
1st Link, Prolific Driver. Prolific Windows 7 Driver
2nd Link, Belkin Driver Not Available Yet. New model being made for Windows 7
Communications port issue, CCOMS cannot open the COM Port on my computer
The customer rang and said he had a computer malfunction and that he took the harddrive out and put it into a computer he had lying around (mistake number 1) I was impressed that it actually had worked.
However Cplot could not open the commport.
We went into Device manager and saw the ports and they showed 2x Com PORT 1's. (Mistake Number 2) Selected one of the COM PORT Devices, brought up properties. Port settings, Advanced, And changed the Comport number back to some other PORT Within the 1-8 range.
Computer was restarted, and Cplot came up. Went, menu, system, comm port config and reenabled Com port 1.
Low and behold it started working again.
WHY: Somehow when plugged into the new system, it detected a new Serial device being the commport. It then probably knew it should be a COM port 1, but didnt bother checking. Maybe the 2nd one is another Onboard Comport.
We probably won't know here from this customer for another year until this new computer hits another hickup. I just hope he is backing up his data.
My GPS Position is Lagging
The GPS COG vector is lagging and sometimes the GPS is lost. This is due to the serial driver not being compatible with the mode the TMQ_C_COMS server is in. Ensure that you have the latest TMQCComs program for your version.
Ccoms for V1.2.1
CComs for Previous to V1.2.1
And please check that you have the correct setting of USE_OVERLAP_IO. Yes for Profilic Style Drivers, No for Belkin Drivers, and at your discretion for the other known drivers.
New GPS Driver
Profilic Driver
PL-2303 USB to Serial Bridge (H, HX, X) Installshield Driver Setup Program
v2.0.2.5 for Win2K/XP/2003 (XP Logo Certified)
For Prolific USB VID_067B&PID_2303 Only
Note: Use this driver ONLY to fix GPS Device detected as Microsoft Serial Ballpoint Issue.
Belkin USB to serial on Latest TMQ C-coms. V4

If using the belkin usb to serial adaptor with tmq c-coms, you will have to change the TMQ_COMS Configuration file.
Go start, run, C:TMQ_C_COMTmqCCom.Ini
This will open up the file.
Find the section marked - and change to the below.
Otherwise there may be issues, Belkin USB to serial adaptor does not act like similar usb to serial adaptors which require the overlap io setting.

This is now an option on TMQ Ccoms Version 4.8.9 under the Configuration button for each comm port, we have successfully had Belkin, Prolific and On board serial working on the 1 system.

My USB GPS is not working.
In most cases, the reason for this is because it has moved in the windows System. You now have to identify which commport it is now on, and then change the TMQ Communication server accordingly.
How do i identify what commport my USB GPS is now on
What to do when Vista takes over the serial port
My Time in the TMQ_C_COM NMEA window is not showing the correct time for where I am!
The time shown in the TMQ_C_COMS NMEA Data window is GMT Time. What is GMT you ask. Greenwich Mean Time. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is a term originally referring to mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. It is also used to refer to Universal Time (UT), which is a standard astronomical concept used in many technical fields and is referred to by the phrase Zulu time. To adjust the Local time on your Cplot system. Right click on the Local time Field on the Top right of the C-plot Chart window.


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