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TMQ Electronics is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer / wholesaler of high quality marine based products, supplying the professional, commercial and recreational marine industry for over a quarter of a century - and still growing. us/DNV.gif

TMQ Electronics (Head Office) is approved as a DNV Service Supplier for the Service and Testing of Radio Communications on Ships. (GMDSS)

Approval Prog 406, IACS UR Z17 as amended). us/iso9001a.jpg

ISO 9001 certification ensures that companies such as TMQ operate under strictly controlled procedures throughout the entire business.

This begins with the process that we follow when designing new products, our quality control practices, through to the service we provide our customers and the support we provide to our dealer network.

We are very proud of what we have achieved in the past and look forward to surpassing the ever-changing demands of a developing market.

TMQ is a member of the AMI Group


On Sea. On Land. Offshore.

The AMI Group is a portfolio of companies providing a variety of goods and services across the marine, electronic, environmental, safety and caravan/motorhome industries.

AMI Marine is Australia & Southeast Asia’s leading wholesale distributor and specialist agent for the world’s best marine, electronic, offshore & safety products, including ranges from Side-Power,Polyform, Solar Solve, Hepworth, Kelvin Hughes, Thrane & Thrane, Boening, Gitiesse/IMCOS,Colorlight and Lopolight.

TMQ Electronics is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of marine based electronic products. Its popular ranges of autopilots and chart plotters include the AP47, AP4 and C-Plot ECS.


WETSS supplies, installs and maintains a broad range of the world’s best water treatment equipment such as desalination systems, sewage treatment systems, oily water separators and water purification solutions.


GMDAS is a one-stop destination for all satellite communications requirements at sea, on land or offshore. Ranges include Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT.


LSG specialises in the sales and services of marine safety equipment, including life rafts, lifejackets, buoys, flares and lights.


Navionics supplies charting solutions for many leading brands of marine navigation and chart plotting hardware available in today’s market. As this market grows each year, Navionics continues to lead in innovation and technology as well as quality and service.


Smartsat is Australia’s leading supplier of fully automatic satellite systems for caravans and motor homes. It is also Australia’s sole importer of Europe’s best-selling Oyster systems.


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