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C-Trak is a subscription based service offered by TMQ International Pty Ltd, highly effective, and suited to both leisure and commercial operations. It can be accessed via a web browser, or packaged with TMQ’s C-PLOT electronic chart software for enhanced vessel management.


Track an entire fleet or single vessel


C-Trak users can login and monitor the movements of their fleet from their office computer. The system integrates with TMQ C-Plot for improved accuracy, and shows surrounding coastlines and major features.


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C-Trak tracks vessel in remote location within 4 minutes

C-Trak was successfully used to assist with locating a missing vessel. The alarm was initially raised after failure to make contact within 24 hours. The vessel was pinpointed by the C-Trak system within 4 minutes, in a remote area reputed to have breaks in communications connectivity, with initial search efforts by the vessel's airtime provider inconclusive. The operator is now in discussions with incorporating TMQ equipment into their fleet.


Contact TMQ to discuss how a C-Trak Subscription could benefit your Fleet.

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