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Hydra Multi station steering system

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Hydra Multi Station Steering System

Seamlessly functional, Extremely customisable

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Designed for high performance

Hydra Multi Station Steering System was designed and engineered by specialists in the field of maritime steering. AMI-TMQ in cooperation with Fremantle Hydraulics have ensured a highly reliable and cost effective design without compromising modern features.

Electronically Synchronise dual or single rudders

A new hydro-electric system, modular in design, and suited to both single and dual rudder vessel configurations. Hydra can be configured to run on any hydraulic or mechanically controlled vessel, regardless of scope or size.

Capability Overview

Power and Panel Management:

  • Central Dimming control, allowing all LEDs on all panels to dim to zero brightness.
  • Built in power fail indication and LED dimming control panel available.
  • Dual 24V DC power supply inputs for main and emergency 24VDC.

Standard Features

  • Up to 6 Rudder angle indicators can be fitted and independently calibrated.
  • Up to 6 NFU (Non-Follow-UP) levers * when installed with optional NFU control station select panel.
  • Two sets of quad solenoid drive outputs (for primary and backup hydraulic pump systems) for synchronized or independent control of steering solenoids and for systems which require changing over to emergency hydraulic pump control if required.
  • Built in rudder limit switches for inhibiting solenoid drive outputs (e.g. if rudder exceeds turning limits, drive output can be disabled automatically)
  • Allows for a standard of 4 stations with Jog and or FFU connections at wheelhouse junction box, with selection from main steering position for JOG station selection, and selection of FFU operation at remote FFU panels.

Service and Install

  • Provides for: easy connection of fluid power available, electrical limit switches, and main or emergency power supplies with auto change over.
  • Easy servicing with all relays having mechanical indication when operated, and plug in with anti-vibration clip for simple replacement.
  • Electronic and Electric Controls
Hydra Diagram


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Power Alarm Indicator and LED Dimmer Central dimmer panel to control all HYDRA panels LED brightness. Indicates when Main and Backup power, and Steering gear alarm indication.

hydra p20


Steering Control Mode Switch Central 3 way switch panel, used to select the steering modes; Auto, NFU or FFU.

hydra p50


Non follow up lever Emergency steering lever for NFU Operations. Bypasses the Hydra core unit to drive the steering solenoids direct.

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Full follow up lever FFU remote controller with ‘stay put’ type joystick lever and station select control illuminated push button.

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Full Follow up Dial FFU remote controller with dial type joystick lever and station select control’ illuminated push button.

hydra RAI


Rudder Angle Indicator The rudder angle indicator is a flush mounted instrument providing a clear indication of rudder position, which is critical when docking or maneuvering in close quarters.

hydra ECU60


Electronic Control Unit HYDRA’S primary enclosure for interconnections and processing hardware. The ECU 60 should be mounted in a cool dry area (e.g. under the wheel house console).

Hydraulics Package

hydra hydraulics

Engineered for Safety:

  • Unique cartridge style manifold is equipped with all the required relief, directional, flow control and isolation valves. All systems are duplicated for automatic redundancy and an Emergency Manual hand pump is included for no power situation.
  • This system design allows for single line breakage and will also operate at a reduced torque with 1 cylinder removed. Hydra HPU’s are fitted with low oil level, high oil temp and pressure switches for all the required alarms.
  • Option to control rudders individually in the event of an emergency.
  • Both Electrical and Hydraulic fault conditions are not only displayed onto the electrical Panel but are also integrated into the Electronic Control Panel to display to highlight a fault where present.


  • 2.2 to 7.5 kW
  • Control stations can be comprised of independent units fit to purpose
  • Rudder Torques 30,000 to 120,000N
  • Suited to Leisure or commercial use, and designed for compliance with multiple marine class societies.


Hydra Downloads

  Download HYDRA Multi station Steering System Brochure