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AP4 Autopilot

AP4 Autopilot

The autopilot designed for professionals

The AP4 autopilot is a rugged & reliable pilot for use on all sorts of vessels, motor or sail, commercial or pleasure. The front panel has large control knobs for ease o f use in all sea conditions. It has various special modes of operation to cater for all different requirements.


Autopilot conditions

Ease of operation in all sea conditions through control knobs

autopilot led

Bright LED display

autopilot controls

Front panel controls for rudder ratio and sensitivity

autopilot timer

Timer adjustable or fixed for use as a commercial watch alarm

autopilot waypoint

Waypoint Steering when connected to a GPS plotting system

autopilot world

International dealer network - access spares or service anywhere

Display Modes

Standby Mode:

The autopilot displays the current magnetic heading and will not apply any steering control.

GPS Mode:

The digital display shows the current magnetic heading. The autopilot does not apply any steering corrections.

Auto Mode:

The autopilot maintains your boat on the selected magnetic course. Course can be set or changed by rotating the Course knob or from a remote steering station.

GPS Mode:

When receiving information from a GPS unit, the autopilot can steer a vessel along a preset track to a precise latitude and longitude.

Commercial Watch Timer:

For vessels under survey. The timer can be set to give a warning alarm at a fixed preset time and provide an output control signal for a loud external alarm 1 minute after the internal alarm sounds.

Power Steer:

The rudder may be controlled by the course knob on the main panel or from a remote steering station.

Watch Timer:

A timer can be set for 1 to 120 minutes. When the time expires, an alarm sounds. Uses include timing of trawling runs or a reminder to check for anchor drag at set periods.

Note: An external alarm piezo siren must be fitted.

Standard Inclusions

autopilot control unit

AP4 Control unit

autopilot compass sensor

Electronic compass sensor with 5 metres of cable

standard rudder feedback unit

Standard Rudder Feedback Unit

autopilot manual

Operation manual

Connection Diagram

ap4 autopilot connection diagram

Accessories & Option Extras

autopilot rudder feedback

Rudder Feedback Unit (Heavy Duty)

autopilot mechanical drive

Mechanical Remote Drive

linear drive

L&S Linear Drive

rudder indicator

Rudder Angle Indicator

steering lever

Steering Lever

autopilot remote




(W) 309mm x (H) 140mm x (D) 65mm
(Allow for rear cable connection)


12-24 volts DC


Manual - 0.4 amps.
Auto - 1.0 amps.
Max: 15 amps


Rotary and Push button




Better than 1 degree


NMEA 0183


Adjustable 0/60 minutes




0.1:1.0 to 1.0:1.0


Front panel adjustable


0 - 10 degrees


AP4 Downloads

  Download the AP4 Autopilot Brochure


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