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EchoPilot Forward Looking Sonar

EchoPilot are industry leading specialists in the field of Forward Looking Sonar, a tool for scanning the area ahead of the vessel for any potential dangers and obstructions. Kits may include displays, processors, mounting hardware and transducers. TMQ stock a range of Echopilot products, spare parts and accessories.

EchoPilot Core products include:

Forward Looking Sonar 2D (FLS 2D)

Daniamant are proud to present a new range of Forward Looking Sonar (FLS). The EchoPilot FLS 2D offers all the best features of the EchoPilot forward sonar range, now displayed on a full colour transflective TFT LCD.

The display has a viewable area of 7“ (18cm) diagonal. The benefits of colour, apart from being visually more pleasing, include being able to gain much more information about the nature of the sea bed. Stronger echoes display as different colours.

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Forward Looking Sonar 3D (FLS 3D)

Echopilot Forward Looking Sonar 3D, displays a 3 dimensional representation of the underwater scene ahead of the boat.

The seabed terrain and potential hazards are shown, for the first time, with unparalleled realism. This is a real time sonar image of what is actually ahead of the boat, not a chart rendered into 3D.

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FLS Platinum Engine – Forward Looking Sonar

The EchoPilot FLS Platinum Engine is a “Black Box” system which enables any Chartplotter, Multifunction Display, or PC with a video input to become a fully functional 2D colour Forward Looking Sonar (FLS).

Forward Looking Sonar provides enhanced situational awareness and safety, enabling the captain to see the seabed and any underwater obstructions ahead in real-time, especially important when entering strange harbors or difficult anchorages.

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