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Omni-directional sonar

Robust design and fully stabilized


The JFS-280 is a compact and fully stabilized omni-directional sonar, incorporating a robust transducer consisting of 512 elements. With the medium frequency of 62 KHz, the sonar provides an excellent and clear image, displaying schools of fish with astonishing discrimination, in shallow waters as well as in deep waters.


Following its successful predecessor, the new JFS-280 has a greatly improved detection range and crisp images using the newly designed transducer and transceiver utilizing the latest digital technologies. The transducer is 1.4x larger and range expanded to 2000 meter. The JFS-280 also includes a manual and an automatic tilt function (-5° to 60°) to vertically scan for a school of fish. With a single press of the button you can activate automatic tracking of a fish of school. The tilt angle is continuously adjusting to the target as the ships moves forward.

Features like these are typically seen on long range sonars. And with the stabilizing function activated during transmission and reception, it gives the fisherman better on screen results and potentially providing a greater catch, even in rough and stormy seas.


With the pitching and rolling on vessels, a high-performance inclinometer is built in with an accuracy of less than 1 degree and a data output of 20ms interval rate. The stabilizer function can handle 30° movements of the vessel in all directions. Even on small vessels, the sensitive omni-directional sonar will keep the supersonic beam stable.

Display modes

The JFS-280 make your sonar images more brilliant than ever with a sharp 19-inch high resolution LCD display. You can set the motion to head up or north up (sensors required) and you can show the sonar image as normal, full, split screen or off center mode, which is approx. 1.5x the normal range. With the SXGA resolution and 32 color video output, it shows detail image on screen. With a single press of a button, you can save a single screenshot in the system memory. Input a CF card to take and save multiple screenshots. On the same CF card, you can save and import setting to match a type of fish and fishing method, while you are fishing.

We have also included five presets in the JFS-280, designed for several fishing applications. Combined with a new level of transmission, more sonic elements and digitized lobes, it offers unprecedented clear and clean supersonic images.


With its new case design, the keyboard of the JFS-280 allows you to carry out all sonar operation simply by using the keyboard or on-screen using the trackball. The responsive keys allow logical and precise operation and integrates keys for one-touch access to range, tilt, gain, off center and various other dedicated buttons are integrated. This makes it easy to navigate through all commonly used tasks.


The transducer has 512 separately controlled sonic elements for a vertical narrow beam transmission, built inside a powerful and robust stainless steel dome. You can select the setup for clear view of fish school by choosing a wide or narrow beam angle. A narrow beam angle improves identification of school of fishing shallow waters or at sea bed level.

The transducer is auto retractable and keeps the dome safe in case of ship sailing at higher speeds and the emergency breaker switch is conveniently located in the hoist unit. This thought through hull unit makes the dome easily accessible, shockproof and is protected from corrosion, saving maintenance costs and makes it extremely suitable as high end fishing sonar

Output power

Although the JFS-280 is compact and small in design, features and performance are not seen on this type of sonar before. The high-performance transducer in combination with the pulse width which can be set from 0.4ms to 36ms allows for great discrimination, even when any (schools of) fish are swimming close to each other. It easily spots the seabed and even allows detection of low reflectance fish, such as squid. And with optional speaker the sonar tone will be heard on the bridge allowing immediate action by skipper.


The JFS-280 consists of the hull unit including transducer, transceiver, processor, keyboard and (optional) monitor, allowing for a flexible installation approach in confined spaces. Due to the nature of this black box setup, a second display and keyboard can be connected. The entire system operates on 24V DC, making it suitable especially for smaller fishing vessels that do not have AC power onboard.


The JFS-280 incorporates a variety of alarms for angle, distance, area size, level, amount and lost count, contributing to safer navigation and more efficient fishing. The keyboard has a built-in speaker to support the audible alarm.